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Equitable and compassionate end of life care is a human right. Everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, class, sexual orientation, religion or physical ability has a right to live and die with dignity.


We suck at dying. 

Death used to be a natural, accepted, and embraced part of our lives. It became industrialized about a century ago and since then, we’ve become more and more distanced from the dying process. 

It used to be normal and expected for families and communities to take care of the dying and deceased. Now, death has been removed from our awareness and our society takes great measures to keep death hidden away. 

As a result, death is now feared. It is a source of anxiety for many. We have a hard time seriously believing that one day we’ll be dead, because it’s too upsetting to think about.


Fear keeps us distanced from our mortality and because of this, people often don’t understand their options for dying - how to navigate systems, getting paperwork in place, or making clear arrangements for what they want done with their bodies (did you know there are more options than just burial and cremation? You could even have a home funeral if you wanted). 

If we shy away from thinking about those bigger puzzle pieces, people certainly aren’t planning for the finer, more meaningful details either: how do you want to die? Where? What do you want your death to look like? Who do you want involved? What about making amends? What kind of support would feel best? 

Death doesn’t care if you’re the epitome of health. Death doesn’t care how old you are. Death doesn’t care how ready or prepared you are to die. Death can come for any one at any time. 

It can feel overwhelming to prepare for death on your own. It can feel even more overwhelming to tackle this after receiving a scary medical diagnosis. Where do you even start? 

That’s where I come in. 


Death is natural, normal, and something we will all experience. 

Together we can explore and prepare for death. When our affairs are in order, our loved ones understand our wishes, and we can find meaning, then we are free to enjoy our remaining time with significantly reduced stress and fear. 

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