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My name is Samantha Turpin

I'm a licensed mental health therapist and death doula. 

I've spent much of my life exploring and investigating parapsychology, such as past life experiences, the paranormal, near-death experiences, and beliefs related to spirituality, death, and our connections to the other side. 


It's only natural that my path as a therapist became intertwined with death and dying, and I pursued additional training to become a death doula. 


It is an honor to help people explore their relationship with mortality and prepare for what all living things have in common: death.   

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    Sunset in the Woods

    Education & Experience 

    Samantha is an experienced licensed therapist, clinical supervisor, Reiki master, and death doula. 

    ​Samantha brings a wealth of passion, expertise, and specialty training into her partnership with clients. She has worked in a variety of roles including therapist, mental health specialist, program manager, and clinical director. 


    She is a highly accomplished mental health and behavioral health provider, as well as a highly accomplished clinical supervisor, who has had the opportunity to work in schools; specialty mental health; medical and dental clinics; all levels of addiction treatment; and even lived and worked on the Navajo Reservation.​

    She is passionate about helping others feel confident, empowered, and at ease with their experiences. She offers a judgment-free space for people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and orientations. 


    Death and dying, mortality, grief, the paranormal, and energy work can feel like daunting topics to explore. Please know that she comes into this work with a lifetime of her own experiences related to these subjects, so she "gets it" in a unique way; however, she doesn't assume that her experiences mirror yours, compete with yours, or define yours. Samantha's mission is to help you make peace with, understand, and feel empowered to embrace the experiences and parts of you that may feel stigmatized and afraid.  

    She is equipped to help clients navigate the complex emotions and decisions that come with a terminal illness or for those who want a head start on organizing their plans.

    Licensure and Accreditations​

    • Licensed Professional Counselor

    • End-of-Life Doula

    • Reiki Master

    • Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor

    • National Certified Counselor

    • Professional Hypnotherapist with advanced training in Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy, Working with the Inner Critic, Inner Knowing, and Past Life Regression

    • Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    • Supervisor of Registered Associates seeking licensure in Oregon


    • BA Psychology, minor in European History from Southern Oregon University 2010

    • MS Mental Health Counseling from Southern Oregon University 2012

    • Certified Professional Hypnotherapist, Ashland School of Hypnotherapy 2014


    What does it all mean?

    See below for more information about different elements of my professional training to better understand how they come together to best support you. 

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