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Please see below for examples of services and supports available.


The goal is to provide compassionate, resourced, and thorough service to anyone who needs it - whether you're facing your own death (Preparing), caring for someone who is dying (Supporting), or you're a professional in the field (Supervision & Consultation). 

Services are available across the state of Oregon via Telehealth. If you live locally, services can be provided in-person at my Ashland office, or they can be brought to your home or care facility.  

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  • Intake/Assessment - meet with you and/or your support team to assess needs

  • Creation of care plan

  • Navigating end-of-life paperwork

  • Envisioning death - for self, role of others in this process, body disposition, funeral/memorial services

  • Exploring legacy

  • Individual counseling

  • Family counseling

  • Case management 

  • Home visits

  • Attending medical appointments 

  • Helping to coordinate services such as meal trains, phone calls to funeral homes or other resources (with appropriate ROI)

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  • Intake/assessment

  • Individual counseling

  • Family counseling

  • Self care plans

  • Advocacy for organizing additional supports

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Supervision & Consultation

  • Clinical supervision is most often done individually, but sometimes group offerings are available.

    • Supervision is available to those who are registered associates in Oregon seeking their LPCs.

  • Consultation is available to any professionals who are working with clients in this area of special focus

Individual Counseling
Individual Counseling

Services are provided one-on-one and the space is yours to use in whatever way feels most supportive. Together we can process a wide array of emotions, create coping strategies to help improve your quality of life, explore values and priorities, identify problems and brainstorm solutions. 

Family Counseling
Family Counseling 

"Family" is for you to define - for some people this includes blood relatives, friends, and other supportive people. 

Family services can include mediated conversations, helping you identify and communicate boundaries, express your wishes regarding your death, and help everyone understand how they can best support you. 


Case Management
Case Management

Planning for death is complicated and most people don't know what their options are. 

Weddings have wedding planners - and I can offer the same level of organization and assistance as you plan for your death. 

Together we can explore and square away paperwork, plans for body disposition, communicate your wishes, and create organization for your final journey. 


Sometimes we just need extra support. 

For some people, this can look like having an extra person at medical visits to help ask questions, advocate for your needs and wishes, and take notes. 

Maybe you have a primary caregiver at your bedside who hasn't had a break to eat or shower or walk the dog. I can offer home visits to help support your care team at home and offer some relief. 

For other people, our work might happen at your bedside as I help you explore your legacy, prepare for death. 


Consultation is available to professionals who are seeking additional support as they navigate working with the complex emotions and situations that their clients experience as they prepare for the final leg of their journeys. 

Cinical Supervision
Clinical Supervision

I am an approved registered supervisor through the Oregon licensing board. I'm an experienced supervisor and I'm passionate about working with those seeking to obtain their LPCs. I especially love helping people explore their professional identities and discover what makes them feel most excited about this work. 

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